Rick's Picks
A Lifelong Afair with Guitars & Music

An Exhibit Benefiting Burpee Museum of Natural History Now thru April 10,2013


Hello There Ladies & Gentlemen. Are You Ready To Rock?

Rick Nielsen is, above all else, a performer. He’s a ball of energy on and off the stage, but he really lights up in a venue full of rock-crazed fans. So, it should come as no surprise that Rick is hell-bent on having a concert in Rockford to celebrate Rick’s Picks: A Lifelong Affair With Guitars & Music. Tentatively scheduled for early to mid January, 2013, Rick Nielsen & Friends will be one hot ticket. Who are the “friends?” Take a look at who has leant guitars to the exhibit and you’ll get a clue. Guitar-lending F.O.R.s (Friends of Rick) who also appear in the exhibit’s biopic Rickumentary include: Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters/Nirvana, Todd Rundgren, Slash (Guns N’ Roses), Joe Elliot (Def Leppard) and more. A definitive lineup will be announced soon, so please stay tuned!

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