Rick's Guitars

Rick has over 2000 instruments and each one tells a unique and remarkable story. From the time Yoko gave back a Fender B-Bender that Rick had given to John, telling him, “John would have wanted you to have it,” to Rick’s desert island choices of his 1963 Guild Merle Travis and the world famous Checkerboard Hamer Explorer, the Rick’s Picks exhibit takes you deep into the rock icon’s personal vault.

The affectionately-termed, “Clown Prince of Rock & Roll” has influenced a generation of rockers--and as a result, the Rick’s Picks exhibit will feature guitars and tales from many world-renowned musicians who Rick and Cheap Trick have come to know over decades on the road. Come see and hear other rock legends tell their stories about their relationships with their instruments and how Rick has been an iconic influence on their music and careers. Check back soon for exciting guest musician announcements!