Rick's Picks
A Lifelong Afair with Guitars & Music

An Exhibit Benefiting Burpee Museum of Natural History Now thru April 10,2013

Rick Nielsen

Who Hasn’t Rick Nielsen Influenced, Anyway?

The answer to that question is, “Not too many people!” Over 40 years of plying his trade as a legendary songwriter, guitarist and rock star, Cheap Trick’s mercurial “Clown Prince of Rock & Roll,” Rick Nielsen, has created a unique, hook-laden, sticky sound that has fanned the flames of fan love and influenced generations of successful musicians. Rick is a fan’s dream come true and a musician’s musician. And, he doesn’t just have skeletons in his closets; he’s got guitars. Lots and lots of guitars.

Rick wears his love of his guitars – playing them, buying them, owning them, cherishing them, designing them and talking about them – right out there on his sleeve where he wears his heart and his love of music. And that’s what Rick’s Picks: A Lifelong Affair With Guitars & Music is all about: Guitars as art and as tools for making music; Rick’s life on the road and at home; the friendships Rick has forged and the songs he’s written and played. Rick wants you to want to see it. What are you waiting for?